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Somehow the music blogs haven’t quite picked up on my favorite album/ artist of 2006, Fionn Regan (myspace)—probably because his label hasn’t released his album in the U.S. yet—so here I am to trumpet him.

Fionn’s absolutely fantastic. His album the End of History is a collection of well-written, well-orchestrated, delicate but not too wimpy indie folk songs in the vein of Sufjan Stevens or Adem. Comparisons to Nick Drake are probably inescapable, too, since anything that has fingerpicked guitar is compared to him.

Fionn Regan – Be Good or Be Gone (mp3)

Fionn Regan – Black Water Child (mp3)

If you want more, he was recently on the BBC. Hearsay has the mp3s.

You can also check out his video for “Be Good or Be Gone”

Bella Union [UK] has the album for purchase.

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  1. […] As reported on Fionn Regan’s homepage, my favorite artist of 2006 (and one of the first things I blogged about here once I started this blog) has signed to Lost Highway, home to, among others, Johnny Cash for his last decade. […]

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