lost gem: Seldom

‘lost gems’ maybe become a series about older bands/ albums that I feel are overlooked.

I was talking with Nick last night, a world famous (yes, he’s the reason you like Mogwai) and knowledgeable music snob if there ever was one, and he didn’t know Seldom. Maybe you don’t know about Seldom. I love Seldom. There’s an opportunity there, I think.

From Seattle, Seldom came onto the national scene in 2001, shortly after they released their only EP, Places I Haven’t Seen because of a tour with Pedro the Lion. By early 2003, they were effectively over.

In the meantime they made beautiful, dark, largely wurlitzer-based rock(/pop) with Yuuki Matthews’ great baritone voice on top of it all. From the first notes of “Who am I?” which was the first song I heard as I walked into the Middle East club in Cambridge the first time I saw them or heard them, I was intrigued. I bought their EP and was hooked. It’s just really good stuff.

The main members were Yuuki Matthews on wurly/ guitar/ vocals, Casey Foubert on drums, and Casey Wescott on guitar. Bass players varied and included David Bazan (the Pedro the Lion guy) and Jonathan Ford (Roadside Monument, Pedro the Lion, Unwed Sailor).

At the same time, Casey Foubert played/ recorded with Pedro the Lion, primarily on their great album, Control and on tour. He also recorded inaugural split 7″ with David Bazan on Ben Gibbard’s Bedside Recordings label.

Their album Romance came out the following summer, while I was living in Germany and I listened to it so obsessively that I still associate the album with different streets and locations in Stuttgart. A couple tours followed (including opening for Sarah Shannon of Velocity Girl and then another with Pedro the Lion) and then they were done, though there were rumors of more recording in there somewhere. All we have of them now are the EP and their album.

Seldom – Can’t/ Must from Places I Haven’t Seen (mp3)

Seldom – Who Am I? from Romance (mp3)

You can still buy both the album and the EP from insound. Barsuk also has them in their shop for whatever reason.

Yuuki and Casey ended up joining the Crystal Skulls, a band where their talents don’t really flourish. Casey was also seen playing with Sufjan and played a bunch of instruments on and co-produced that last Rocky Votolato record.

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