girl talk playing an SF…prom?

Did anyone else notice that Girl Talk (from my native Pittsburgh!) is playing a senior prom in SF? It’d probably be just a little weird if I posted on craigslist offering myself as a date to said prom (to an 18-or-over person, of course), right? Though I do look smashing in a tux…

In other news, his myspace also has his remix of Grizzly Bear’s “Knife” up for download. It’s worth the download. Good stuff. I’m wondering what all the other samples are of. When’s wikipedia going to list every single sample in it, like it does for all of Night Ripper?adam ringtones sandler3310 free composer ringtonesringtone samsung a900 freeall free sprint ringtones raggae samsunglg ringtone 11501400 ringtone free lg 20free ringtone se 47 kyoceraa300 ringtone Map

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  1. […] A: I see. You’re not a DJ, but you’ve been asked to—well I don’t know what you’d call it for this—but you’re actually performing in nearby San Francisco soon but it’s a private event; it’s a high school senior prom. […]

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