RickoLus and Julius Airwave, mp3s

I got my first submission in the youngish life of this here music blog the other day from Jacksonville, FL band Julius Airwave (myspace) and the side project of one band member, Richard Colado, who goes by RickoLus (myspace). And they’re actually good. Bonus!

Of the two, I’m more into the RickoLus, which is interesting lo-fi, slightly experimental indie pop. “Dear Projectionist” is a fun song with an electro drum beat and a great melody, especially during the chorus where there are nice harmony vocals. It also has good little jabs of distorted guitar and random vocals. Richard’s voice reminds me of one of the Swan Lake guys (I can’t place which one just right now—maybe Dan Bejar?).

RickoLus – Dear Projectionist (mp3, from video game birthday party)

The Julius Airwave tracks are somewhat eclectic, but pretty straight forward indie pop. They have a little bit of the Strokes vibe and remind me a bit of the SF band Morning Benders. Definitely a pleasant listen.

Julius Airwave – Glory, Glory (mp3)

You can check out more on each of the band’s websites. You can, in fact, stream all of video game birthday party and handful of other tracks at the RickoLus website.

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