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I read the internets so you don’t have to.

The Stranger thinks that trumpet is the new saxophone. That’s cool. I’m a trumpet player. I don’t think saxophone’s totally out though. Did you see the One AM Radio’s last tour with two tenor sax players? Nothing cheesy about that.

Stereogum has a great song by Mice Parade called “the Tales of Las Negras.” Sort of post-rocky, but sort of experimental in that Swan Lake sort of way. Also has the electic piano in a similar sort of setting to the Album Leaf. Grab this one.

John Vanderslice talks to the St. Louis Riverfront Times about his recent idea of having audience members sing his songs at shows this tour. Here’s one video of Craig Ness singing at the Portland stop. JV also grooves along to a drumline, further proving my theory that marching bands are cool. Also, it looks like the Union Hall stop stop on the tour was the one not-to-miss with guest appearances by Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) and Peter Hughes (Mountain Goats, Nothing Painted Blue).

Pitchfork reports that there will be various people with cred (Will Oldham, Devendra Banhart, Superchunk, etc.) covering their “guilty pleasure” songs (by people without cred, like Mariah Carey, Journey, Destiny’s Child). You can check out a few samples at the album’s myspace page. I’m pscyhed about the idea after Ted Leo’s awesome cover (which, it appears, people request all the time at shows but I haven’t heard him play live) but the songs up there are…well, judge for yourself. 1 888 all loanmortgage 106 loansgaranteed approval 100 loansmonth 6 loans rates interest1.2 loansunsecured loan 5000corp s adding to vehicle loanagricultural bad credit for loansvan 0 loans auto interestguarnteed loan 5000

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