ethnomusicologists are the best; or, is ice cream truck music a reason for joy or sadness?

As the New York Times (registration possibly required) points out, there is an ethnomusicologist at NYU, Daniel Neely, that’s researched ice cream truck music. (Though, his main topic of research is mento music. (Also, of note, he’s in a music group with Mick Moloney, the talented and famous Irish musician, also of Green Fields of America.)

I had two points, I guess:

  1. Ethnomusicologists study the coolest stuff. If I weren’t a full time geek, I think I’d want to be an ethnomusicologist. As it is, I have plans for some amateur ethnomusicology.
  2. Personally, I’m not annoyed by ice cream truck music. I grew up in a town that was a little too spread out and sparse for them and Boston didn’t have many, that I remember at least, so it’s only recently that I’ve started hearing them. I still get a little bit of happiness hearing that song or seeing kids run out to meet the ice cream man, though it hasn’t caused me to buy any ice cream from them myself.

3 responses to “ethnomusicologists are the best; or, is ice cream truck music a reason for joy or sadness?”

  1. Dan says:

    Hey! That ethnomusicologist you’re talking about it me! Which part of Boston did you grow up in? (I grew up there too.)

  2. adrian says:

    Dan, I grew up in Pittsburgh and then went to school in Boston (lived in the Back Bay).

  3. Dan says:

    Cool! Love your blog, by the way. If you have a second, we have a contest going on ours right now – the prize is a case of Moxie soda, a regional “soft” drink and something you might have drank while you were in Boston:

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