4 bands JV likes right now

Pretty soon this blog is going to be all John Vanderslice all the time. I got to do some hanging out with JV earlier today and I surreptitiously compiled a list from him.

4 bands JV likes right now:

4 responses to “4 bands JV likes right now”

  1. […] I warned you that it’ll be all Vanderslice all the time here. And there’s more to come. But, seriously, if there was one guy to devote an entire music blog to, even temporarily, it’d be John Vanderslice […]

  2. libs says:

    It can be all JV all the time… he is the ‘tits.’

  3. […] Yesterday Dr. Dog (myspace) played an in-store at Amoeba. I decided to check them out for three reasons: 1) Vanderslice’s recommendation 2) I liked that song (err, cover) of theirs that Oz was obsessed with and 3) I liked their myspace songs enough. […]

  4. […] Billions is showing that John Vanderslice will be touring with bowerbirds (who we already knew JV likes) for the first eight or so dates and Bishop Allen for most dates after that. It may be the case where they are just not confirmed for the intervening dates. […]

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