song obsessions, 6/1/07 edition

Song obsessions are those songs that we listen to on repeat. I noticed that my obsessions are often a week long. I also thought that other people might have similar obsessions. I’ve collected a panel of a few like-minded individuals and gotten their “song obsessions of the week.” Maybe you’ll become obsessed with one of these.

Adrian (me):
Dodo Bird (aka the Dodos) – Notes (mp3) (from their myspace)

Nothing stuck out this week until earlier today when I was thinking about the Dodos and went to their myspace page. I have Beware of the Maniacs but this charming track is off their debut self-titled album. Meric is really talented and writes really interesting guitar parts.

Papa M – Krusty (mp3) (buy)

i’ve been listening to ‘krusty’ by papa m (david pajo solo stuff). i’m a sucker for contrived lo-fi gimmicks…and there’s a sample of the simpsons in the background.

The Earlies – I Must Have Been Blind (mp3) (buy)

Obsession this week is The Earlies’ cover of Tim Buckley’s “I Must Have Been Blind” off of the (really excellent) Dream Brother compilation. I’ve been noticing a preference of mine towards big, dramatic, hymnish songs with lots of ensemble singing of late, so I guess this fits into that category; The Earlies are very good at that sort of sound, and both Tim and Jeff Buckely have a talent for writing songs with a certain urgency that really comes across well here.

Mark Kozelek – Find Me, Ruben Olivares (mp3) (buy)

Mark always seems to get me with his guitar and voice only songs. His ability to make a relatively simple song highly engaging is amazing. Not to mention his lyrics are fantastic.

Matt Bauer – Torn Green Velvet Eyes (vrsn) (mp3) (from itsmeaningless)

Sometime, at least a year ago, I found this track by Screen Prints -it was an interesting cover of the Magnetic Fields’ “Born on a Train,” from my favorite MF album, The Charm of the Highway Strip. Recently, I decided to look for some more songs by Screen Prints. In the (unsuccessful) process, I found the MF tribute album that the Screen Prints song came from. It’s called Meaningless, and there’s a few standout tracks from it – The version of “Torn Green Velvet Eyes,” by Matt Bauer, might be my favorite.

Neko Case – Star Witness (mp3) (buy)

I’ve been all about “Star Witness” by Neko Case since seeing her perform it at the Sasquatch Music Festival last Saturday. Hearing her sing it live, I felt a sense – more than I could remember ever feeling before – that she really cared about every word she was singing. Plus the tune shows off everything her silky smooth voice does best.

Low – Belarus (mp3) (buy)

ethereal, dreamy, and beautiful all at once. such is low.

These never ceases to surprise me.

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