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I found the the Ian Fays from the latest podcase from the Bay Bridged and have been enjoying their music. The Ian Fays are twin girls plus another girl and another guy. They started recording largely on four tracks when they went to college but they’d been bands before that. (People still use four tracks?). They have breathy, close vocals over acoustic guitars, piano and casio-keyboard drums and other synths. The twin part leads to some harmonies that sound like two of the same person (which is easy enough to do by anyone on a recording but not as easy live). They also, apparently, have a habit of dressing up in different themed costumes while playing.

The Ian Fays – Barrettes (mp3)

The Ian Fays – All the Phones (mp3, from label site)

They play at the Hemlock Tavern on June 16:

6/16 Social Studies, the Ian Fays @ the Hemlock, 9:30pm, $6, 21+

It appears you can buy their stuff from the homesleep music shop and apparently via paypal.

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  1. […] Thursday Feb 21 Maldroid (myspace), the Ian Fays, and the Rooftop Vigil are appearing at the Great American. I like the Ian Fays and their brand of increasingly organic indie pop. The Rooftop Vigil (formerly Parasol) sent me some stuff a couple weeks ago that I’ve been enjoying their cello-ey indie pop. […]

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