John Vanderslice at KZSU, recap, photos, exclusive mp3s, set list, lyric/ chord sheets

As I mentioned earlier, I had an hour yesterday with John Vanderslice on KZSU during which he did a few songs and we chatted a bit. I asked him about the blog videos and the title of “nicest guy in indie rock”. I’m not sure how interesting an interview it was for everyone else—it felt more like JV and I were just talking and it happened to be over the radio than anything else—but I sure had fun.

I’ve know JV for a while, going back to his last appearance on KZSU and we hang out enough that we’re friends, but I didn’t expect him to pull out so many stops as far as the music goes. I’d talked to him just a few hours earlier and had some requests for songs, some of them he hardly ever plays. He seemed reluctant on a couple because he didn’t know how to play them and I told him I understood.

Well, by the time he got down to the studio (literally about 5 hours later) he’d learned both “Peacocks in the Video Rain” and “Dead Slate Pacific”, writing the chords out on his lyric sheets (which is what those links go to). I had asked for “Pale Horse” because I love that song, especially when he does it live with people clapping along, and he brought a never-before-played b-side from Emerald City. (We were walking into the station. “Hey, I brought this Emerald b-side. Would you want to play it?” “YES!”)

Here’s what he played:

All of these tracks were engineered by Smurph, so thanks to him for that.

JV pretending to play guitar for the camera

And one photo from Jin: here is on with the clappers on “Pale Horse”; check out Jin’s photo set for more great photos.

Stay tuned for a transcription of the interview portion!

All of JV’s releases, including Emerald City available at Barsuk.

[1] The KZSU Clapping Ensemble included me, Isa (John’s girlfriend), Scott and two of Scott’s friends that came down to the studio to watch the in-studio performance called Stuart and Dan.

14 responses to “John Vanderslice at KZSU, recap, photos, exclusive mp3s, set list, lyric/ chord sheets”

  1. Fantastic, what a great artist JV is. Like your blog btw.

  2. libs says:

    “…I didn’t expect him to pull out so many stops as far as the music goes.”
    so, basically, what you are saying is that he /is/ in fact the nicest guy in indie rock!

    I thought the interview was interesting not in spite of but because it was just the two of you chatting like friends. So often interviewers don’t really know who they are talking to and the dialog ends up sounding forced. That was not the case in this interview with JV. It reveals how laid-back and kind and well read and curious he is. It was more like being able to have a conversation with him than listening to an interview. Very cool!

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  6. scott says:

    that was a sweet show…thanks for letting us clap!

  7. … wow, and KZSU haven’t changed their studio panelling since the 80s, when I used to DJ there!

    Lovely music blog… I’m getting all homesick for the Bay Area.

  8. Clyde says:

    Sorry I didn’t ask before posting them, I was just trying to save you some bandwith, instead of everyone clogging yours up.

  9. adrian says:

    Clyde, I have no problems with bandwidth, so you can just redirect people to this page.

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