bay area music bloggers go to a ball game (live blogging)

I came up with an idea a couple weeks ago to go to a ball game with some of the other music bloggers from the bay area. Tonight’s 6:05pm Florida Marlins @ SF Giants game will be it. We have Adrian (me!) from ipickmynose, Christian and Ben from The Bay Bridged, Emily and Avery from the Deli SF, Will from New & Used Records and Oz from HearYa. Not all the music bloggers could make it, but we have a decent crew going.

I’ll be live-blogging the game so check back in and hit refresh to catch all the excitement! Bonds is one away from tying Aaron’s home run record, so maybe it’ll be historic.

6:05pm first pitch. foul

7:10pm bonds struck out and he fouled out in his first two at bats.

7:15pm they’re playing ‘young folks’. you can’t away from that song.

7:16pm also american analog set. wow!

7:46 and now ‘pour some sugar on me’! they’re all over the place with the music.

7:48pm barry’s up. the cameras are going nuts! the count’s 3-1. he walked. everyone’s boohing

8:12pm the wave! I love the wave. wooooo.

8:16pm bonds is up again. again with the cameras. he’s twice the size of any of any other player. he pops up right to the catcher on the first pitch.

8:18pm everyone’s making fun/ jealous of me for blogging right now. that’s right: I’m a pariah in a group of bloggers. new low.

8:26pm it’s a sold out game. 43,001. Christian claims he’s the one over 43k. I do not believe him.

8:39pm longest kiss cam of all time. one guy coopted the camera and smooched another guy.

8:42pm Will is working on a sitcom. Very cool.

8:43pm fog is pouring over the edge of the stadium.

8:47pm they’re showing the ‘rally pumpkin’ on the jumbotron. what do pumpkins have to do with rallies?

8:53pm Sweeney’s in to pinch hit. this guy a couple rows down is the world’s biggest sweeney fan.

8:56pm dave roberts is still really fast, scoring on a double from second to tie the game 3-3 in the bottom of the 9th.

9:04pm come from behind win on durham’s rbi single. pretty exciting. 4-3 giants final score. maybe rally pumpkins really do work.

9:28pm leaving, I see a guy with a giants jersey that has “DMB” 44 on the back. who likes Dave Matthews Band and the Giants that much?

6 responses to “bay area music bloggers go to a ball game (live blogging)”

  1. I feel left out…

  2. Will.Benham says:

    I was totally baffled by the DMB shirt, as well. Other than that though – fantastic game and good company. Thanks again for putting it together.

  3. Emily says:

    Someone wrote on N&UR that we should have worn matching T-Shirts. I think we should do that at the museum. ;)

  4. adrian says:

    Emily. Sounds like a plan. Perhaps the matching shirts should be ipickmynose/ adrian is rad shirts!

    (I would say that I’m horribly shameless, but–don’t worry–I plug myself with shame.)

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