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I don’t have too many examples, but maybe people can add other if they know them. Some bands are named after streets.

Bishop Allen (myspace) was named after Bishop Allen Dr. in Cambridge, MA. This is confirmed in a number of sources including the liner notes to the August EP. I remember walking past this street on the way to a friend’s house in Inman Square before I even knew about this band (quite possibly before the band even existed, or was just forming).

Beulah, I think, is named after Beulah St. in San Francisco. They’re an SF band and Beulah’s about 2 blocks from Amoeba so you’re bound to run across it if you like music and live in the City.

Anyone know of any other bands that are named after streets?? For instance, is the E Street Band named after an actual street? I’m not seeing an E Street in Ashbury Park. Any others?

While I’m talking about both bands, Bishop Allen is actually playing The Independent this Wednesday and I’m definitely going. The Broken String doesn’t hit a sour note. It’s consistently good from song-to-song. (You can do that when you’re picking 10 of the songs from 45 songs (the twelve month EPs from 2006)—you can really weed out the best.)

Miles Kurosky of Beulah had some major shoulder surgery and has been working on a solo album. Latest report was that it was about 70% done. I’m really interested to hear how it sounds.

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  1. adrian says:

    That’s a good one, Larry-bob.

  2. Dan says:

    Hmmm, not sure if this counts, but ‘764-Hero’ is certainly street-related.

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