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Thursday, after hanging out with some friends in the city, I dashed over to the Bottom of the Hill, barely in time to see The Botticellis (myspace) go on stage.

I had just enough time to grab a beer and set up to watch the show. Brilliant timing! (Not that I didn’t want to see Scrabbel but sometimes it’s nice to just pop in and see who you want to see and then leave.) The band went on: Alexi on vocals, guitars and keyboards; Burton on lead guitar, keyboards and drums (for one song of the encore); Ian on bass and Zach on drums and keyboards (for one song of the encore).

Alexi has a voice that sort of floats[1] in a hypnotic way and Zach provides a lot of great harmonies. The songs are a eclectic indie pop, varying from straight up rockers to songs that may build with intricate parts (sort of like the New Year or older Pedro the Lion, or that’s what heard, at least). Good set. The one thing I’d definitely like to see from then is banter. There just wasn’t any of it. That can be fine, but, at least on Thursday, between songs, the talking would start and some of that would carry over into the songs, making it distracting to try to listen to.

I’d met Burton, their lead guitarist, back in June and we’ve run into each other at a few shows, including
one where I met most of the other band members. They’re all nice people.

They were selling a brand new album (still on CD-r even), their first full length, at the show called Old Home Movies. I’ve listened to it a bunch of times since then. Some songs are immediate (like “Flashlight”, mentioned below) while others are taking their time sinking in and growing from there.

“Flashlight” is a slowish 3/4 song with jangly guitar and a nice melody and harmonies. It’s got a real timeless feel to it.

the Botticellis – Flashlight (mp3)

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I’m not sure if the album is available for purchase yet, but if you want to hear more songs and an interview with the band, head over to the Bay Bridged for their podcast feature episode on the Botticellis.

View my full photo album.

[1] maybe it’s just how I hear things but some voices float (like Mark Kozelek most of the time) and some are grounded (like say Ben Gibbard). Some of it has to do with reverb, sure, but there’s another quality to it as well, possibly the length and emphasis on vowels.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    great band

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  3. […] Old Home Movies is out May 13. I heard it back in August and listened to it a lot. I can recommend it. […]

  4. […] Botticellis (myspace) album Old Home Movies is out today on Antenna Farm Records! I first heard it quite a while ago and I listened to it a lot for long periods of time. A lot of people are describing the band/ album […]

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