MF Doom at the Independent was a fake?

The opener for Wednesday night’s MF Doom show at the Independent is saying that it wasn’t actually MF Doom:

The show started off just fine–I played, Pigeon John played, I did another half-hour or so after Pigeon John, everything went along smoothly–then Doom took the stage. Or rather, “Doom” took the stage. That dude with the mask and the mic was:
1) lip-synching
2) not actually MF Doom

The only thing that was actually live about the show was the hypeman’s mic. Everything else ran straight off a recording, and fake Doom pretended to rap and walked up and down the stage doing rapper hands. He faked his way through a set of about 20 minutes, walked off the stage, and jetted out the back door.

Was anyone there? What’d it sound/ look like from the audience?

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  1. Hazzlo says:

    Wow, that is all I can say…I was in the crowd and I called it out instantly…he was like 50 pounds lighter, didn’t talk, etc. Doom always talks to the crowd, he doesn’t make those hand movements, and he doesn’t usually sound like shit like that…I am pretty pissed man, this happened down in LA a few nights before and has been happening at Rock the Bells all over the place… I called the independent and they are working out possible refunds…Doom’s my favorite but this is ultimate shady and fucked up…who does something like this??

  2. OH MAN says:

    Yup I thought the same shit too.. you could not hear him at all.. i know they mic’s were good because PJ’s was loud and crisp.. then comes this guy and no crowd interaction at all.. just went up.. 20mins later leaves and the place goes nuts.


  3. swoldy says:

    I was there. It was pathetic. Its funny more people didn’t catch on. We started to boo. We talked to his stage guy who was rapping ( MO? ) and he said dooms been sick and its just show business. He never said it wasnt doom but we knew what he met. It coulda been a good show. After he left, i was hoping they would have least kept playing the record.

  4. Ben Westhoff says:

    I’m a Village Voice Media writer putting together a story about this bizarre situation, and hoping to talk to anyone who knows anything about it. If you were at the Independent show (or any other “fake Doom” shows) please send me an email at Thanks.

  5. Dan Schwab says:


    Here is what I just sent to Ben Westhoff:

    I was at the august 15th show at the independent. In fact I flew down to san Francisco from Portland, Oregon, just to see it. Well, that and the rock the bells show, for which he was also absent. I’m real pissed off about the situation. My trip cost me nearly a G, and I didn’t even get to see the two concerts for which I specifically made the trip. I’m not a rich “baller,” just a doom fan that saw his amazing show once, and wanted a second chance to see it again.

    Ok…so the story goes like this: lots of signs pointed to the fact that we all got hustled by Doom. Prior to the show, all independent employees (and signs posted) were adamant about no pictures whatsoever. Standard practice in itself, but never have I seen a place go out of their way to enforce. in retrospect this leads me to believe that the club had advance knowledge of this shady event. In typical doom fashion, he appears on stage roughly 2 hours after the opening act completed. He comes out looking blatantly skinnier (and shorter) to any die hard doom fan. In fact, my first comment to my buddy before I knew what was going down was: “Wow…that doesn’t even look like Doom!” He comes out to a Benzie box (off of DangerDoom) and no one can hear him as it sounds like his mic is off, (or he’s not actually saying anything). All we could hear was his hype man. Even this didn’t immediately set off a flag, because sometimes there can be sound issues obviously. After the song completes, he goes right into another song, also in audible. this is when I started to raise my eyebrows. At every Doom show I’ve attended, where he’s “actually” performed, he has always addressed the crowd and interacted. In fact, one of the best parts of his shows, in my opinion, are his interactions and mannerisms up on stage. unparalleled even, in my 15 years as a hip hop live show attendee. None of this is present. He’s just walking back and forth on stage with no visual excitement…just rapper hands. So after 3 songs of this, I go up to the sound guy and let him know that no one in the audience can hear Doom, and ask him if he’s aware. Here is his direct response to me: “Yea, I know you guys can’t hear him. It’s not Doom, and they guy who is up there is lip synching” My response was something to the effect of “yea right…who would do that to his fans?” Especially in the era of illegal downloads…how can he expect to keep a following large enough to pay his bills without a strong stage show? not to mention the legality behind the situation…I mean, if I could personally sue Mr.. dumile, I would. I’d love to get the G back that I spent just to see his sorry ass. I digress. So I go to the bar to cool my nerves, by this time he’s muting his way through his 4th song. About halfway through the song, homeboy walks off stage. Done. No words to the crowd, no “peace out,” no nothing. Boo’s rained down. I had never seen anything like it before. And we’re talking about an underground legend here, not just the 7pm opening act from the local high school. Then they told us show was over. that and I couldn’t get my money back. The worst part about this is maybe Doom’s signature trait: his mask. It provides the perfect alibi for him…no one can really prove any of this, because he hides behind that thing. If I didn’t get hustled myself, I would almost respect his game. It’s pretty brilliant. But now, as I’ve been doing more research into this, I’ve found that he pulled the same thing in LA a couple of nights earlier, and again with Scratch magazine for a photo shoot. To further raise suspicions, he was also a no show for the Rock the Bells show. (him and Nas: the only reasons why I actually made the trip). Magazines, I can understand, but the people who buy his music? The fans that have followed him since KMD? The fans that to date have supported his every move. The ones that travel hundreds of miles to see him? that is MAJOR disrespect. I still can’t even believe it.

    Ben…please keep me posted on this if you are able. I WAS one of Doom’s biggest fan, and now, all I just feel like he spit in my face. We all got hustled that night. Especially me and my girlfriend who spent some hard earned cash just to see him in California, because he didn’t schedule anything in the NW. I have legal counsel here in Portland, and have actually already started to explore what kind of options I may have for legal action. Any information (including Independent OR Doom management contact info) you can provide to me would be a tremendous help. Thank you for helping expose this debacle. It needs to be prevented from happening again. Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide you.

  6. Iscariot says:

    Wow. How do you follow up that post?

  7. Hazzlo says:

    Plus, I have almost the entire “fake” set on video….Maybe i just need to post that on Youtube or something, its pretty crazy video…anyone that knows doom knows it wasn’t him

  8. Dick Laurent says:

    I was at the show at The Independent in San Francisco on Wednesday August 15th 2007. “MF DOOM” didn’t perform any longer then 17 minutes tops! Some people have the set clocking in at 12 minutes.

    The anticipation for MF DOOM was extremely high! Everyone was very excited to see him perform. After his 17 minute or less set he walked off the stage. The entire audience immediately got extremely upset and confused! I heard several people saying that the person on stage was lip synching. I did not notice this but I was very stoned and could have easily missed it! Someone I ran into down the street after the show said that he heard MF DOOM rapping while the guy on stage with the mask on didn’t have the mic to his mouth. I don’t know if this is true.

    There were several signs inside and outside the venue that said “NO CAMERAS”. Also, throughout the show an announcer repeated that cameras were not allowed and not to even use your camera phone! This was not a rule the venue pushed it had to be DOOM. I have shot video at “Melt-Banana” and “Adult.” when they played The Independent with absolutely no problem.

    During the show a guy in the front center of the stage took some video or a photo with his cell phone. A security guard from the venue pushed all the way through the crowd to tell this guy to stop. A friend I was with said he saw a girl escorted out for taking pictures with her camera phone. I’ve seen many shows where the artist didn’t allow cameras but NEVER to this extreme!

    Which makes me think… maybe the reason DOOM doesn’t want cameras at his shows is because either he doesn’t want to get caught lip synching OR he doesn’t want people to realize he has an imposter playing his shows for him. Why would someone freak over a fucking camera phone picture?!? That seems pretty fuckin’ excessive!! Unless of course he has something to hide!

    I saw MF DOOM last year at the Independent and it seemed to me it was the same person who I saw peform this year. Maybe not. Finding a black dude with a gut who can hold a mic to his mouth might not be that difficult. When I saw him last year at The Independent he played roughly 30 minutes and left. The audience cheered and applauded for an encore for 10 or 15 minutes while the announcer kept saying “Cheer louder if you want him to come back out” and ultimately the announcer said “you didn’t cheer loud enough… the shows over”. How fucking lame is that!

    I went to the Rock the Bells show in San Francisco yesterday August 18 2007 where MF DOOM did not even show up! A huge crowd of people stood in front of an empty stage waiting for DOOM to come out even though WU-TANG was playing at another stage. No one ever announced MF DOOM isn’t playing. The stage hands just started tearing down all the equipment while shaking their heads. No announcement and no replacement.

    I also hear that MF DOOM cancelled his 2nd night at the Independent Thursday August 16 2007.

    Obviously, this person who calls himself MF DOOM is an asshole that doesn’t give a fuck about his fans! Maybe he sends out imposters. Maybe he’s just an ego-maniac. Or maybe he’s just a self centered sack of shit! If you’re reading this and like MF DOOM then continue to listen to his music but don’t fuck yourself and go to one of his shows. He does not come through!


    P.s. Anyone with similar experiences please post them! This shit needs to be exposed!!

  9. Ron O says:

    I was at Rock the Bells and all day I kept hearing people say Doom’s not here. And I mean stage people. And then when they annouced him people went crazy. But this dude up there was not him. I knew it and so did my friend. We walked out pretty pissed off about this. And I heard he flaked at the Glasshouse the night before. I would have preffered that than wacthing that imposter.

  10. but you have to admit, this is great press. tricks of the trade, dirty-ass artist slitherers (especially in “hip hop”) mayn fuck that arrogance…listen to my MF Kn music fools! Straight humbling noise.

  11. Dick Laurent says:

    The Independent SF just posted September 16th as the replacement date for the MF DOOM show that didn’t happen August 16th! I’m gunna go and see if the guy performing is the same guy I saw play 17 minutes last week! Also, I shall watch closely for lip synching. Will let you know.

  12. seedleSs Clothing Co. says:

    this is an especially interesting story to me…
    i booked DOOM for a show in San Diego Aug 19th. everything was was supposed to be legit & i had no reason to believe that he would flake. the morning of the show i get an email from a girl asking me if DOOM is gonna send an imposter or just not come. what the f*ck? i told her she was tripping, & why whould she think that. she told me about the independent, and the canceled shows…. i dismissed the rumors but called his agent anyways…. a couple hours before door i hear hes not coming? sick. yeah… how was i not informed in advance? they knew he wasn’t coming…. if was really sick then they would have known by the independent show & could have told me. no excuse. im not a f*cking idot, & i didn’t just get off the boat. shadey -ass shit. the worst part is that im a hugge fan & was looking foward t the show…the even worse part is that none of the peeps were surprised. everyone already expected lil doom (no caps) so let them down. the make-up show is now set for Fri Oct 12th @CANES. guess only time will tell.

  13. Dick Laurent says:

    I just watched the “Chrome Children” dvd which features MF DOOM performing several songs live. After watching very closely the dvd twice I absolutely do not believe that the person I saw perform as MF DOOM at the Independent is the same person performing on the dvd. NOT AT ALL!!

  14. Dick Laurent says:

    Only just now returned from the Independent in San Francisco where I was told MF Doom would not be showing up to his gig tonight. More to come.

    Fuck that guy

  15. Gig says:

    I, like DL, went to the Independent last night, and was disappointed (AGAIN) by this guy. Got to the door at around 945pm, signs were posted, the promoters looked sick to their stomach. Supposedly, we are to receive refunds from Ticketweb within the next week. Unbelievable!

  16. Gig says:

    I, like DL, went to the Independent last night, and was disappointed (AGAIN) by this guy. Got to the door at around 945pm, signs were posted, the promoters looked sick to their stomachs. Supposedly, we are to receive refunds from Ticketweb within the next week. Unbelievable!

  17. ROCK HARDER says:


  18. tapirlfood says:

    i heard MF DOOM has lupus (like Dilla R.I.P.) or some sort of debilitating illness that he is trying to keep on the low and consequently tried to keep all the tour dates he could too make money for his treatment, but that may just be a rumor?

    anyone know the truth?

  19. imposter says:

    I can’t speak for the show in San Francisco where MF DOOM was alleged to have sent an imposter in his place to perform, however, I will let it be known that MF DOOM was not in the building at MJQ last Thursday. Instead he sent an imposter in his place and the imposter has a name to! His name is DJ Wesu! My best guess is that Doom pocketed the $5000 I wired him a month before the show in Atlanta while the rest of the loot must have went to those shady ass – fuckers Mobonix, Killa K and Wesu who took the entire door and split with Doom out the back door.

    Look at the links to the photos provided below and compare each other and tell me what you really think! It’s so obvious! The last 2 images are the most compelling since Wesu and the alleged MF DOOM imposter share the same scar on the right hand.



    MF DOOM with MOBONIX, WESU, KILLA K, DOOR MAN who stole the door money located back right with dreads.



  20. tapirflood says:

    damn that is some crazy stuff!

    esp. the scar thing…

    so does this mean he is sick? or what?

  21. lost lamp records says:

    it means he’s a piece of shit with no class.

    too bad. legends will fall. fuck doom.

  22. nickname says:

    Dude thinks it is funny. it is all a stunt for the doomposter album. You are talking about his shit, which is what he wants you to do.

    A. Great producer
    B. Shitty mc

  23. Nick I. Doe says:

    its a promotion for his new album i’ve heard.

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  25. joonfloon says:

    read this, will shed light on the issue.
    MF Doom is a character played by whoever the publisher (Daniel Dumile) decides to employ. Your not there to see the man Doom because he isn’t a physical being. but i can understand your disapointment

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