birthday/ taiwan

Tomorrow I turn 27 and in less than three days I’ll be on my way to Taiwan. I’m moving to Taipei for 3.5 months, returning to the Bay Area in the middle of December.

I won’t be attending shows in the Bay Area during that time (which I do find unfortunate as there are some really good artists coming through), nor will I be doing my radio show, but pretty much every other aspect of this site and the rest of the features should remain the same. I will be doing a lot of travel over the next two and a half weeks in particular including to some pretty remote places so please excuse me if posts are a little sparse during that time. I should be able to update fairly regularly otherwise.

I hope you keep coming back and enjoy what you see.

Have a good day.

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  1. ed haslam says:

    happy bday and have a great trip/time in tapei! we will stay in touch via email. best, ed

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