you know your career is on it’s way out when

Newsweek slams you, as they do with James Blunt in their fall music preview section

Last & Least

James Blunt, ‘All the Lost Souls,’ 9/18: Just when it seemed safe to enter Starbucks again, this earnest singer-songwriter is back with a follow-up to one of the whiniest debuts ever made. Blunt claims his new CD “illuminates his growth as an artist and a person.” We’re not saying that breaking up with a supermodel (a.k.a. Petra Nemcova) wouldn’t offer much in the way of potential for growth, but we’re not saying it would, either.

Oh snap!

In other news, they’re throwing their money behind Kanye in this 50 Cent-Kanye feud:

‘Graduation,’ Kanye West, 9/11: West’s third record drops the same day rival rapper 50 Cent releases his new CD. A showdown has ensued (naturally), and 50 has vowed to quit the rap game forever if West outsells him (country crooner Kenny Chesney has also thrown his Stetson in the ring, but no one seems to have noticed). Judging from the West songs we’ve heard, 50 should start checking the want ads.

Personally, I may buy Graduation just to help 50 Cent out of the business…or into an awkward situation where he has to explain he didn’t actually mean it.

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