taipei street vendor rips off local (SF) indie poster designer the Small Stakes

So I was walking through the Shilin Night Market in Taipei and I saw a Nada Surf shirt. I thought that was pretty cool, so I stopped. That’s when I saw that it was a shirt for a show at the Great American Music Hall during Noise Pop 2005! I went to a bunch of shows during Noise Pop 2005! (Though not that Nada show). It seemed awfully familiar. I ended up buying it; it was just too weird not to buy.

Anyone else recognize it? I’ll give you a hint:

Yeah, that’s right, it’s local poster designer Jason Munn aka The Small Stakes’ design! I’m a big Small Stakes fan (here’s my interview) so I remembered pretty quickly where I’d seen that heart-with-a-zipper before.

The only thing that’s different about the shirt is a “brand name” of Cabane de Tom (warning: crappy website). This whole situation seems very odd.

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