I’m doing my part

to keep 50 cent off the shelves.

Are you doing yours? Some people are.

[Note: yeah, I’m a Kanye fan and my hip hop catalog doesn’t extend to too many more releases. what can I say: Kanye picks good producers (Jon Brion) and doesn’t always rap about bitches and hos and getting high, though he does cover those topics as well.]

2 responses to “I’m doing my part”

  1. […] I’ve also been aborbing the new Kanye and will probably write something about that later. Lest you think I’ve gone all-hip-hop, I’ve got plenty of indie and other stuff coming up. Don’t you worry! […]

  2. […] Kanye West’s (wikipedia, myspace) newest, Graduation a while ago. Sure, I wanted to be one vote against 50 cent but I also liked his previous albums and the tracks that I’d heard before the […]

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