a couple from ‘gum

Stereogum posts about approximately 42 thousand bands a day. It can be a little much (as I’ve mentioned before). I listened through a lot of their recent mp3s and found a couple that warranted another mention here.

Mobius Band’s[1] (myspace) “Friends like These” can be found here [2]. “Friends like These” is almost too smooth with its electro drums and synth swoops but the hint of melancholy in each of the melody, orchestration, vocals and lyrics help keep it from veering into an area of unacceptable Adult Contemporary-like smoothness. In the end, it just ends up being very catchy and good to make the head-nodding to.[3]

Club 8’s (myspace) “Heaven” is the second mp3 found here. Somehow the Swedish have a near monopoly on making good over-the-top-but-not-too-far-over pop. Past examples include my fav Jens, I’m From Barcelona, Tobias Froberg, etc. Anyway, here’s another such track, with bongos and various sampled instruments providing a framework for a female voice. The chorus is about the frickin sun—which disobeys the well-known industry rule: if you want Adrian to like your song/ band, don’t write choruses about the sun unless you’re the Polyphonic Spree—and yet all it makes me want to do is smile. The track is also available for download from their myspace page.

[1] Is this the geekiest [A] band name? I always like this band’s name when I hear it.

[2] Remember: friends don’t let friends deep link to mp3s on other blogs.

[3] Sometimes I really enjoy very awkward wording and syntax. Though I’m sure this guarantees that this won’t be used as a quote on any Mobius Band press releases.

[A] But, seriously, how cool are mobius strips? Two edges but one side! Amazing.[i]

[i] Yeah, I’m a geek. Yeah, this is a footnote on a footnote on a footnote. Is that even allowed?[a]

[a] It is now because I said so. I’m a little punchy—someone should take this keyboard away from me.

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  1. […] Adrian (me): Mobius Band – Friends Like These (mp3) (buy) I heard this one from stereogum initially. Since then I’ve been taken by the mix of upbeat/ dancey beats and melancholy synths, vocals, lyrics, etc. The chorus is also fantastic. […]

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