interviewers, please stop asking Sam Beam…

Interviewers, when you’re interviewing Sam Beam of Iron & Wine you can stop asking him about licensing songs for commercials already. I found it interesting the first time, but I know what he’s going to say now.

For an interview with Sam Beam that doesn’t ask this quesiton, check out this one at Austin 360:

It’s blazing hot out and the hum of bugs is constant and jarringly loud at times. All you can see is Hill Country scrub. It’s gorgeous or desolate, probably depending on your mood. (No wonder Lyndon Johnson loved it out here.) There’s something here that belongs in Iron & Wine songs.

And yet we’re talking about how fast we can drive on U.S. 290. Couldn’t be more pedestrian. Couldn’t be more “dad.”

“Isn’t it weird?” Beam says, his voice barely above a good-natured mumble. “They drive so (expletive) fast on that road. I’ve done it. I’m coming home from the airport, and I find myself doing about 80 and I’m like, ‘What am I doing? I’m zooming past mailboxes.’ ”

Also, I know John Vanderslice’s thoughts on David Bowie. He may bring it up like he did down at KZSU back in July (click here if you really want to hear that part of the interivew), but if he doesn’t you don’t need to.

I mean, I love Iron & Wine and Vanderslice but there are other things to ask them about.

Or maybe I’m the only one that reads all their interviews and no one else notices this overlap.

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