kanye makes fun of himself wholesale…and I just wish it wasn’t so catchy.

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Kanye isn’t known for his restraint. On this week’s SNL he makes light of that in a pretty hilarious way.

“Those frickin cameras!”

Also this year’s D**k in a Box or Lazy Sunday is Iran so Far. More so than either of those, the tune to this one is very catchy. I’ll be really embarrassed if this ends up as my song obsession for this week but I’m not ruling out the possibility.

[Update:] Looks like NBC took down the video. Here’s a version someone else uploaded.

Also, videos of Kanye performing on SNL have surfaced. It looks like he did two medleys: Stronger/ Good Life, and along with a ipickmynose fav in Champion/ Everything I Am. He freestyles for a big chunk of “Everything I Am”. Pretty sweet. He performs with a very Bjork-like string-and-horn section of women-in-funny-outfits.

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  1. […] Adrian (me): Andy Samberg and Adam Levine (and Richard James) – Iran so Far (mp3) (buy the original Aphex Twin tune) I warned earlier this week that I found this SNL spoof track too catchy to resist. Yeah, it’s been a bit of an obsession for me. The piano bit, the beats and especially the chorus are very catchy; and it’s pretty funny. Later I found out that the piano track was ripped off of an Aphex Twin track (Aphex Twin – Avril 14th (mp3)). The original is good too, but I doubt I would have been obsessed with it. […]

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