new column: ask ipickmynose; the indie rock Ann Landers

Some people apparently read this blog and for whatever reason seem to value my opinion on music. Friends have long asked me about music in various forms. Now I’ll open it up to you too.

The idea is Ask ipickmynose. Maybe you have a question for me. You write in, I give it a shot and then in the comments of the post, other readers can write in with their questions. Questions could be things like:

  • recommendations: e.g. “My son really loves that Postal Service song that goes boob boob beep beep beep. What else can I buy him for his birthday?” or “What’s a good song to start a roadtrip mix tape?” or “On November 1, should I go to Yo La Tengo @ the Palace of Fine Arts, Battles @ Great American or Architecture in Helsinki @ the Fillmore?”
  • opinions: e.g. “Is it okay to like Coldplay?”
  • factual: e.g. “What’s the difference between the Motown sound and the Phil Spector Wall-of-Sound?”

That’s just a sampling. Go ahead, be creative.

If you have a question, email me (or just put it in the comments to this post, but I’d prefer email!). Please put “ask ipickmynose” or “ask IPMN” in the subject. I’ll pick one and write up an answer next week and then we can see what the readers say as well.

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