apples in stereo @ the wall (taipei)

Last night I saw Apples in Stereo (myspace) at the Wall in Taipei. I hadn’t seen them in a little over 5 years a fact that I was much more embarrassed to admit after the show than before (more on that later).

The band went on just a few minutes after I got there, at about 8:15pm, without an opener. Well, actually, just a man in a silver cape and light-up novelty glasses went on at first. He twisted knobs and played a moog for a few minutes, putting on an interesting experimental synth sort of thing. As that that wound down, the rest of the band came on.

The setlist was filled with old favorites (“Ruby”, “Let’s Go!”, “What’s the #”) and new songs (“Same Old Drag”, “Energy”).

According to their written setlist, here’s what they played (and from my memory at least, they followed this):

  • Can You Feel It
  • Please
  • Go!
  • Energy
  • Do You Understand
  • I Can’t Believe
  • Seven Stars
  • Sun is Out
  • Skyway
  • Rainbow
  • What’s the #?
  • Open Eyes
  • Beautiful Machine
  • Same Old Drag
  • Ruby

I’m not sure what all was in their encore, but it definitely ended with “Tidal Wave”, introduced as the band’s first song.

I appreciated that Robert and the band did much of the usual banter in Chinese: “Ni hao”, “xie xie” and the like. The audience reacted really well to this; the first few times were accompanied by extra cheers.

The show was attended by a fairly small–relative to the Apple’s audiences in the US (they can sell out the 400-capacity Independent in SF)–group of mostly Asian hipsters, with possibly 100 people total there, but they were into the show and quite appreciative.

In the five years since I saw them, I had somehow forgotten how fun their shows are. I was completely amazed with how into it the band was. John (the other John; not that one either, the rhythm guitarist one) had a huge grin on his face the entire show. I really appreciate a band that enjoys putting on a show.

After the show, I talked to almost everyone in the band and they were all really nice and super to talk to. They also really seemed to enjoy Taiwan and their trip.

This will tie into something that I’ll write about the Apples later, I promise, but for now I’ll just say this: my faith in them has been restored.

More photos below, including some fun captions!

Robert went into the crowd for a bit of one song near the end of their set

the crowd

Bill Doss (of Olivia Tremor Control, the Sunshine Fix) now plays with the band

John’s famous grin

View the rest of my photo album. There are a few good a couple flickr sets from the show. Update: More on flickr.

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