juno trailer, soundtrack

It’s apparently okay for music blogs to post movie trailers, right? Well, what’s it matter, this movie look great[1].

As partial justification for posting, here’s the soundtrack listing. Lots of Kimya Dawson and also Sonic Youth, Cat Power, and Belle & Sebastian as well as the old favorites Buddy Holly and Velvet Underground.

The song at the end of the trailer, if you were wondering, is All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hoople. Classic!

You can also check out four more clips from the movie.

[1] Hopefully it won’t be a Garden State-like great trailer, great trailer, okay movie situation.

4 responses to “juno trailer, soundtrack”

  1. Paco says:

    what is the first song of the trailer? not the last one

  2. adrian says:

    It’s “I Like Giants” by Kimya Dawson.

  3. zero says:

    what is the the electric guitar song im 1:36

  4. adrian says:

    Zero, like I said up there, it’s “All the Young Dudes”.

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