2007 albums?

It’s getting to that time of year where everyone makes lists. I tend to do this as well.

Anyway, in preparation, I’m trying to make a list of 2007 albums/ releases that I’ve heard so I know what to consider when making my list. Am I missing any obvious ones?

Now it’s time to relisten to everything on the list, an awesome and sometimes tiring task.

7 responses to “2007 albums?”

  1. Dan says:


    Not sure whether these are ‘obvious’, but if I were making I list, I would consider:

    31 Knots “the days and nights of everything everywhere”
    Low “Drums and Guns”
    Mirah and Spectratone International “Share this Place”
    Possible Selves S/T (may be 2006???)

  2. adrian says:

    Dan, I’ll definitely add the Low album. I’ve heard some of the Mirah but either of the other two, which means I should check them out but they probably won’t be in consideration for the list.

  3. Will says:

    Well, a few I did not see there (unless I did not look closely enough) that are sure to be in my top ten would be The Good the Bad and the Queen, MIA, and Of Montreal.

  4. libs says:

    Band of Horses Cease to Begin…?

  5. Bill says:

    Deerhunter “Cryptograms”
    creeping weeds “We Are All Part of a Dream You’re Having”

  6. ding dong says:

    here here
    a boy with an orange

  7. […] Adrian (me): Candie Payne – All I Need to Hear (mp3) (buy) I’m going through various 2007 albums in preparation of to make my top albums of 2007 list. I was immediately intrigued by Candie Payne’s album but I hadn’t listened through it in a while. After I listened to it again this week, I was finding myself not pressing repeat on this song, as is often the case when I’m obsessed with a song, but playing/ singing it through in my head. Not even the whole thing, really, just the refrain: “just one little white lie/ just one little white lie/ is all I need to hear/ what harm can it do?”. There’s something more than just the words, melody and orchestration in those moments. There’s some desperation, some need coming through in her voice. […]

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