sunday fun song: Creeping Weeds’ BOAT cover

I’ve got a fun song to help wake you from your 3 day-old food coma.

BOAT (warning! site annoying resizes your browser!), whose Songs You Might Not Like I enjoyed, has been posting covers of its songs. The one I like best is Philly band Creeping Weeds’ cover of “(I’m a) Donkey for your Love”. It’s a fun song with nice vocals and really good use of background vocals.

Creeping Weeds – (I’m a) Donkey for your Love (BOAT cover) (mp3)

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You can listen to (and buy) the original version here, but I think the cover is an improvement.

One nitpicky thing: BOAT compares the production of the song to Phil Spector. While I like the production, I don’t think it’s too Spector-like. I hear the maracas (a very Spector-like touch) but otherwise, there are too many guitars, not enough strings, horns or saxophone, or percussion in general and generally the production would have to be much bigger. I’ve been planning for a while to write more about Spector, so maybe I should get on that.

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  1. owen says:

    my my what a strange name for a song :(

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