six CDs I was listening to a lot August 2007

I’m back. I drove my car for the first time in four months and got a neat peek into what I was listening to on rotation in August 2007 from the car’s six disc CD changer that I had left stocked with CDs and hadn’t changed since.

Six CDs I was listening to a lot in August 2007:

  1. The National Alligator
  2. Or, the Whale Light Poles and Pines
  3. The Botticellis Old Home Movies
  4. Kings of Leon Because of the Time
  5. Benni Hemm Hemm Kajak
  6. Fionn Regan the End of History

Hmm. A number of those look familiar

2 responses to “six CDs I was listening to a lot August 2007”

  1. […] Old Home Movies is out May 13. I heard it back in August and listened to it a lot. I can recommend it. More about tour dates and more tunes are available at their myspace (and don’t forget about their gig in a surf shop this week). […]

  2. […] Old Home Movies is out today on Antenna Farm Records! I first heard it quite a while ago and I listened to it a lot for long periods of time. A lot of people are describing the band/ album in terms of “surf rock”, but I think […]

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