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As I mentioned I would, I returned to KZSU this week to do two shows, my best-of show and my Christmas special.

I had a lot of fun. I was a bit rusty and made a couple technical gaffs–I thought most of those were behind me after 5 years on the air, but I guess not.

Anyway, if you want to list to them or check out the playlists, here you go:

I once was Canadian Best of 2007 (playlist)
12/19/07 I Once was Canadian Best of 2007 (mp3, starts during Vanderslice’s “White Dove” and runs long)

3rd Annual I once was Canadian Christmas Extravaganza! (playlist)
12/21/07 3rd Annual I Once was Canadian Christmas Extravaganza! (mp3, starts during Darlene Love)

I’ll return to the air Jan 3 and 10 in the late evening before (probably) resuming a regular show the third week in January.

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  1. […] I had a pretty good radio show on Thursday night (on KZSU of course). I had a few specials, so this was my first chance to do a regular show in four months. Of course that meant that it was special because I had this huge backlog of tunes to play. […]

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