bollywood music videos… with “subtitles”

These are hilarious. Buffalax has taken some Indian music videos and “subtitled” them, not with the translations of what the lyrics are, but with Buffalax thinks the Hindi (or Urdu?) sounds like.

Another one after the jump.

2 responses to “bollywood music videos… with “subtitles””

  1. Natalie says:

    My friends and I were obsessed with this video freshman year of undergrad:

    I never thought I’d be able to find it again (couldn’t remember the “Tunak” part), but lo and behold, if you go to youtube and search “funny indian music video,” it’s the second video to show up. The first one? The second video you have listed on this post.

    And, of course, Buffalax put English “subtitles” to it as well:

    Is it super lame to admit we used to copy those dance moves?

  2. adrian says:

    No offense, but that’s more or less an embarrassing admission.

    The Buffalax version is awesome on so many levels I can’t believe it!

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