Entertainment Weekly knows their music…and then gets it all wrong

Entertainment Weekly published the recommendations of a bunch of TV and movie music supervisors.

Here’s one of Dana Sano’s (Music supervisor for Dan in Real Life) surprising recommendations:

THE DODOS ”Out of San Francisco. They kind of have a Jim Morrison-meets-Beirut sound. They released an EP in ’06, but there’s a new record coming in March ’08. I’ve heard one song; it’s awesome.”

The Dodos: cool. I’m totally in support of that. Jim Morrison meets Beirut? What?? The Dodos are a high energy folk group with often finger-picked guitar, bluesy elements and experimental-leaning drumming. Jim Morrison led an organ-driven psychedelic blues-rock band (that was totally and unapologetically shitty). Beirut is a Eastern-European and French influence, brassy indie pop band that didn’t even have guitars on their first album.

And, yes, they did release an EP in 2006, but how about that, you know, how about that album they released in 2006?

Also, while we’re on the topic, you should definitely head over to the Dodos’ myspace or here to hear a new track they have up, “Jody”, the song’s great with an amazing chorus. It’s one of their best yet and that’s saying a lot. Remember, French Kiss is releasing their album Visiter is out in mid-March.

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