death cab to come to SF April 23, surprisingly play the Fillmore

Pitchfork reported this morning that Death Cab for Cutie will be heading to the Fillmore on April 23. Given that they’re releasing a new album May 13, the tour is totally unsurprising, but the choice of venue is. This is Death Cab after all. The same band that’s over one and a half million in total album sales. The same band that headlined (and sold out, if memory serves) the 8500 capacity Greek Theater. Much smaller (but still good) bands like Andrew Bird head to the 2100-capacity Warfield over the 1250 capacity Fillmore, so this is a surprise for sure.

Then again, it’s not like Spoon playing the Cafe du Nord or anything, but that was presented as a purposefully ridiculous “secret show”. Expect tickets to sell out quickly, of course.

No word on when tickets go on sale yet. March 2 with a pre-sale a couple days before is my guess.

All tour dates after the jump.

04-18 Bremerton, WA – Admiral Theatre
04-19 Eugene, OR – McDonald Theatre
04-21 Arcata, CA – Van Dozer Theatre at Humbolt State
04-22 Davis, CA – Freeborn Hall at UC Davis
04-23 San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore
04-24 Las Vegas, NV – The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel
04-26 Indio, CA – Empire Polo Field (Coachella)
06-15 Manchester, TN – Bonnaroo

5 responses to “death cab to come to SF April 23, surprisingly play the Fillmore”

  1. adrian makes me ill says:

    goddamn adrian! you are a seriously obnoxious writer. poor skills, annoying tone, baaaaad taste in music. stop writing a blog dude.

  2. adrian says:

    Thanks for the comment. It’s your choice whether to read this or not; no one’s forcing you.

  3. adrian confuses me says:

    oh cmon adrian! thats a cop out and you know it. you write a blog that probably some people get influenced by, you pose for pictures in a sweatshirt that says ‘adrian is rad’, you write like a snotty brat, you obviously get off on being a critic and thinking you have a lot of invisible pen pals out there that are listening. at least take some responsibility for it.

  4. adrian says:

    And yet you keep reading…

    No, I don’t know that it’s a cop out. I’m honestly quite befuddled that there are people beyond my group of friends that do want to read what I have to say, but people read this and I’m fine with that. If people don’t read–even if everyone stopped reading, I might be a bit discouraged, but it wouldn’t change what I’d write or that I write.

    There is value to honest criticism. I usually focus on the positive, but if I only say “this is great!” for every band and record that’s out there, then how do people know how to calibrate my opinion against theirs? There has to be a baseline for people to judge things against. I’m not suggesting negative writing for that sake alone, but criticism where criticism is due is a healthy part of the creative process. I’m not the only one supporting this opinion–other music bloggers have come out and said the same thing, most notably Idolator and Pretty in Pink.

    Now, I don’t know you and you’re writing anonymously. My name is Adrian Bischoff and I have no problem with you. If you’re in the Bay Area and you want to meet in person and talk further, I’d be happy to buy you a drink (assuming you’re over the legal age).

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