sxsw and site updates, “improvements”

I’m headed to SxSW in a couple days, so posting may be a bit slow later in the week. However, I have made some site “improvements” that I’m trying out and you can keep yourself entertained with:

  • Twitter
    • channel There’s now a ipickmynose twitter channel. I’ll use it for more of my passing musical thoughts. You can follow me on the web, on your phone or via IM if you have a twitter account (or you can make one to follow me).
    • sidebar The four most recent “tweets” are now displayed on the right. You can check those out if you want. They’re right below the radio and “me me me” sections
    • up-to-the-minute SxSW updates: if you’re going to SxSW and want to get my up to the minute thoughts on which bands just blew my mind or whatever, sign up for twitter, “follow” me and add your phone to get updates. Sorry that this a bit complicated.
  • ipmn radio You can now pop the ‘ipickmynose radio’ player (which has the latest tracks I’ve posted on this blog) out of the main page, so now even if you want to navigate away from ipickmynose, you can keep listening to what I’m into. There’s a problem with it stopping if you’re using another program (the player is “out of focus”) but I’ve found that if any part of the player is not covered, then it’ll keep playing. (If anyone who knows jw player or flash and knows how to fix this, let me know).
  • About/ FAQ/ Contact & Submissions updates I’ve made some updates to my About/ FAQ and contact & submissions pages. You can check those out if you’re interested. (Also, if you want to use that contact info, I’ll be slow on the responses while I’m at SxSW.)

I hope you have a good week.

Also, as much as I want to pick apart that Bon Iver album, I don’t think I can; I’m enjoying it too much.

2 responses to “sxsw and site updates, “improvements””

  1. mim says:

    So what did you end up using for the twitter sidebar thingy? Have fun at SxSW!

  2. adrian says:

    I used a modified version of twitter’s own code.

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