I’ve been loving this song: Drive By Truckers’ “Two Daughters…”

I put it on my January mixtape. And they played it on Conan a little bit ago. I like it’s sound a ton–the vocals, banjo, brushed drums and pedal steel go really well together.

I only have a four song sampler from the album. I like that–how’s the rest of the album? Should I pick it up?

(Looks like the band will be in town for Outside Lands in August.)

2 responses to “I’ve been loving this song: Drive By Truckers’ “Two Daughters…””

  1. Stranger Jay says:

    That’s my favorite tune from the new disc, which is surprisingly excellent despite the loss of Jason Isbell.

    If you like the instrumentation on that, you’ll love it on the album. The sound guy for Conan should be fired – the guitar and bass sound terrible.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing them at the Outside Lands Fest.

  2. […] I’m not sure how this fell off my radar, but the Drive-By Truckers played on Conan O’Brien a few weeks ago (thanks to Adrian at ipmn for posting the video). Although they failed to meet my very high expectations for their show at the Mezzanine a few months back, but Brighter Than Creation’s Dark is an early pick for a 2008 top-10 album. […]

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