this is what’s wrong with indie rock blogojournalism; 4 things you shouldn’t tell me

[Rant post ahead: skip if you don’t like such things.]

I’m seeing an increasing amount of stuff like this on blogs and music news sites:

Weezer Confirm Title, First New Photo Revealed

This is a front page, big font headline on p4k. Why in the world would I care about this? A new photo and they confirm an album title?? Really? [1]

Yeah, I know, I can just not read the article (I didn’t), but stuff like this makes it harder to find the good information. This is what’s wrong with indie rock blogojournalism today.

Here are four things you really shouldn’t notify me of:

  1. Cover art revealed
  2. Promo photo released
  3. Album title revealed
  4. Tracklist revealed[2]

[1] Nevermind that Weezer hasn’t released a good album since 1996 and I really don’t care much about any news from Weezer.

[2] One possible exception to this is a band that tours insanely and/ or has enough of a bootlegging community that their unreleased material is fairly known and the new tracklist includes some of those known unreleased tracks.

2 responses to “this is what’s wrong with indie rock blogojournalism; 4 things you shouldn’t tell me”

  1. Natalie says:

    Can you add “#5: Blog posts about musicians’ blog posts”? Unless it’s John Darnielle’s blog, I don’t care what they say. Most of them read like teenage diaries anyway. Stereogum is pretty bad in this respect…

  2. Oz says:

    How about #6:

    Don’t notify me of bands announcing tour dates (Brooklyn Vegan). I’ll just watch the concert calendars at the venues in my town, thank you very much.

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