you know you go to too many concerts when

Four signs you go to too many concerts:

  • You don’t bother to take your ear plugs out of your pocket anymore
  • People ask what shows you’re going to soon and you list half a dozen
  • You can accurately predict each band’s start time on a bill based on a number of factors including venue, how many bands, start time, door time, etc.
  • You recognize people every show you go to.

Yeah, that may be me. I may have a problem. But at least I don’t go to 187 shows a year.

2 responses to “you know you go to too many concerts when”

  1. libs says:

    Have you calculated a projected total for the year (2008)? I am wondering about your throwing stones, is your house not glass? Beautiful, a beautiful glass house, don’t get me wrong; what music lover wouldn’t want to go to 185 shows a year? I’m just wondering if you have a projection for yourself this year.

  2. adrian says:

    At my current pace (nevermind that that is totally skewed because of SxSW), I’ll go to 123 shows this year, a mere 66% of that 187 show total.

    I love going to shows but it can get to be a problem–you start missing out on things. Sleep, for instance. “Social interaction” would be another.

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