you’ve seen this video by now

Three different friends independently sent me this video in the last few days, so it seems people are pretty into the idea.

It’s a UK band called the Get Out Clause that apparently filmed their video with 80 of Britain’s CCTV cameras and then got copies by invoking the Data Protection Act. Edit it all together and–boom–done.

It wasn’t the first in the style, though. The Frames, which includes everyone’s current favorite indie wunderkind Glen Hansard (of Once fame), also shot a video in this manner, but apparently just using the cameras at a friend’s workplace, a post office.

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  1. […] by Irish band The Frames, who used a single camera in a post office to make a £2 video. via. posted by whir (17 comments total) 1 user marked this as a favorite (The music itself […]

  2. V says:


    With a d.

  3. adrian says:

    V, thanks. Fixed.

  4. Good use, but if you do like this, the other kids and other mischief too will do this and annoy the installers.


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