ipickmynose presented…Geographer, Two Sheds @ Annie’s Social Club, review, photos.

As I plugged previously, there was an ipickmynose presents show last Wednesday with Geographer and Two Sheds (myspace), Friday Mile (myspace), Marabelle Pheonix at Annie’s Social Club in San Francisco, CA, USA, World.

I’d never been to Annie’s and getting there before the music started, I had a chance to check out the place. It’s sort of a quirky shape, with the show space next to and parallel the bar/ entrance area but separated by a wall for the most part. But with a photobooth, a pool table, a decent selection of beer and a generally chill atmosphere, I liked it.

Friday Mile

Marabelle Phoenix and Friday Mile ended up playing nice background music to catching up with or meeting some cool people like Emily and Ben from the Bay Bridged, Will from New & Used Records, the Deli SF and Joe from the Don’ts. I did manage to solidly pay attention to a chunk of Friday Mile’s set and it was pretty enjoyable indie rock. I’m sorry I can’t review their performances much beyond that.

Two Sheds played next. I don’t know what to say about a band that I’ve seen five times in six months (did I mention there’s a problem with liking local bands). They played a great set as usual.

Their album’s great, but I really like their new songs like the EP material (“WTF”, “You”, “Alive”) and even newer stuff (“Mindwrecker”). One new thing about this show was Hannah from Friday Mile sang harmony vocals on a couple songs and hers and Caitlin’s vocals sounded great together.

Two Sheds with Hannah from Friday Mile

Geographer closed out the night. It was getting late so the crowd was thinning by this point. Again, I’ve seen this band a number of times by this point and I always have a good time. They make the heads bob. They also manage to fill a room with their sound even though they’re only three people.

3 responses to “ipickmynose presented…Geographer, Two Sheds @ Annie’s Social Club, review, photos.”

  1. Liz says:

    You failed to mention one …no, two things about Geographer:
    1. I had not seen them before and they ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF
    2. The lead-singer-guy is super adorable. Ladies- take note.

  2. Emily says:

    This was a really fantastic show…I can’t emphasize enough. Like you mentioned, we were chatting a little during Friday Mile’s set, but what I heard was great. And Two Sheds and Geographer just totally blew my mind. And Geographer in particular is really in an exciting place — everyone watch out for their CD release party in August. Thanks for presenting, Adrian. :)

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