the Bay Bridged’s Low Red Land on a rooftop

The Bay Bridged Video Podcast – Low Red Land – Part 1 from The Bay Bridged on Vimeo.

The Bay Bridged has announced a video podcast. The first episode was posted yesterday with a couple songs by locals Low Red Land (myspace). It looks and sounds pretty great with gorgeous views of sunny, blue day and San Francisco.

I was invited to the filming of that (you can see me in the video if you bite your tongue and squint at the right time) and the Bay Bridged quite reasonably asked me to hold off posting photos from that event until it was announced. Well here are some:

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  1. Liz says:

    Oh I saw you! It doesn’t require looking that hard– that old-style Pittsburgh hat kind of stands out.

    The music is good! And the video is fun! I liked it! Good job to all!

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