Two shows: Rademacher, Tigers Can Bite You, Light FM @ the Knockout; morning benders @ Puma

I went to a couple shows in the last couple days sans camera–my first without in a long time–so I’ll do quick write-ups here without any photos.

On Wednesday, I went to Lower Class Revolt with Rademacher (myspace), Tigers Can Bite You, and Light FM at the Knockout.

I don’t tend to expect much from the first band on, but Light FM was thoroughly pleasant. They played a nice set of straight ahead indie pop.

Tigers Can Bite You was a bit more angular and a bit less pop but still pretty nice.

I’ve had some Rademacher tunes for quite a while now, but I’d never had the opportunity to see them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for their whole set but the songs I saw were good.

And last night, I saw the Morning Benders (myspace) do an in-store session at the Puma store downtown.

The fans there were of a variety of ages, but overall it was a pretty young crowd. I thought to myself during the set that when Sam Cooke died the headlines said “Teen Idol Dead”. These days, with a seeming growing love for Sam Cooke, no one talks about him in terms of a teen idol. Now I’m not saying the Mornings Benders are the same as Sam Cooke, just that the assessment or main audience of an artist can change.

The band played a relaxed, sit-down acoustic set. It reminded me a lot of their set on KZSU. They didn’t have a set list and mostly just took requests from the audience. They did a mix of new and old tunes. Perhaps a highlight of the set was the requested “Morning Fog”, which was on their first EP, performed solo by Chris. They also did “Damnit Anna”, “Boarded Doors”, “Why Don’t They Let Us Fall in Love” (Ronettes cover)”, “Excuses” (new song), “I was Wrong”, “Waiting for a War”, “Grain of Salt”, “Patient Patient” and “Loose Change”. Just about all the versions were solid.

Much of live music these days seems to be a big production–crowded venues, lots of buzz, people worried about the scene and bands who are thoroughly professional. It was really nice to have a couple evenings of music where it was just people sitting around enjoying some music.

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