local graphic designer small stakes does 20 designs for insound

Jason Munn’s Magnolia Electric Co design available at Insound

You know I love East Bay graphic designer Jason Munn of the Small Stakes. I even recognized his design when a Taipei street vendor ripped it off. Well, Jason’s gone and done twenty designs for twenty of Insound’s favorite bands. They’ll all be available on T-shirts, hoodies and posters.

Insound is called it the Insound 20. I like a bunch of the designs but I think I may have to get the Magnolia Electric Co. design (above). I like that band. In fact, I’m listening to Sojourner–their box set I was pretty floored by–right now.

They’re kind of pricey, but, dang, if they aren’t cool. (To help with the costliness, you can put in the promo code ‘insoundtwenty10’ when you’re checking out to get 10% off.)

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