top 5 quirks of San Francisco venues

top 5 quirks of San Francisco venues:

  1. the bathroom attendant (and a whole lot of velvet) at Bimbo’s
  2. the basket of apples at the entrance of the Fillmore
  3. the backstage area so small that bands usually don’t even put their instruments in it at the Hemlock
  4. free posters after sold out shows at the Fillmore
  5. the mezzanine balcony almost right above the stage at the Hotel Utah

What did I miss? What is your favorite quirk of an SF venue?

5 responses to “top 5 quirks of San Francisco venues”

  1. Anna says:

    The naked ladies on the walls in Annie’s Social Club.

  2. The padlocked door that goes across market street at Cafe Du Nord (leftovers from its days as a speakeasy)

  3. Nick says:

    the rickshaws at the rickshaw.

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