the mommyheads @ cafe du nord

Last Wednesday I saw the Mommyheads reunite for their first show in 10 years at the Cafe du Nord.

Having seen defunct bands like Sebadoh reunite and be disappointed by them–Sebadoh was sloppy and didn’t have very good stage presence, for instance–I was pretty reserved and cautious going into this show. Additionally, I’d heard that the band’s first practice in all those years was the Friday before this Wednesday show–not a promising thing to hear. On the other hand, this is a band I’d listened to –quite obsessively at times–for 10+ years and that I had excitedly posted about when they announced their return. Within a song or two, though, my icy skepticism was rapidly melting.

What can I say? They’re still tight. From a band that toured incessantly for nearly a decade, I suppose it shouldn’t seem like a surprise that the band seemed to lock back into that groove, the non-verbal communication and collective musicianship that made the band seem like it’d never stopped.

The crowd definitely had some loyal fans here in their old stomping grounds and they were really receptive of the band.

While my nostalgia reflexes kicked in heavily on the songs I knew, when the band played songs from their new record, I wasn’t familiar with them and still enjoyed them, but they didn’t have ten years of anticipation riding on them.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the band and the show.

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  1. Ajax says:

    Pretty impressed? That shit RULED! That was the best show you’re going to see ALL YEAR MY FRIEND!

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