Treasure Island day 2 (Port O’brien, Morning Benders, Tokyo Police Club, Okkervil River, Fleet Foxes, Spiritualized) by Edwin

Here’s another day of Treasure Island coverage by sometime song obsessions contributor and fellow KZSU DJ Edwin. All words and photos by him.

Crowds at Treasure Island
crowds at Treasure Island

Back on the island the next day, I unfortunately missed John Vanderslice and Or, The Whale, the first two acts. I did catch Port O’Brien and The Morning Benders, both playing for enthusiastic but laid-back crowds, and both inviting us to sing along in choruses of “Yeahs” and “Ohs”. The Morning Benders seemed a little disappointed in the lack of energy of the crowd, but everybody seemed to be having a great time. Inbetween them was another solid set by Tokyo Police Club.

the Morning Benders and crowds
the Morning Benders

Back on the main stage was another highlight of the festival – a great performance by Okkervil River. After his guitar cord puttered out near the beginning of the set, lead singer Will Sheff said, “Some of the other sets here have been really professional, I hope you appreciate the difference.” He didn’t know what he was talking about though, because the rest of their set was as good as any other at the festival. Their group dynamic was superb, and they really seemed to be enjoying themselves and the audience. Lauren Gurgiolo’s lead guitar sounded especially excellent.

Okkervil River
Okkervil River

Fleet Foxes sang some perfect harmonies after that, and then came the performance I had been looking forward to the most – Spiritualized. After hearing a stripped down show by them last year, I really wanted to hear the sound of the full band in concert. They did not disappoint, playing a set that spanned their albums and a nice mixture of their pretty ballads, like “Shine A Light” and the noisy ones, like “Come Together”, which ended the set in a blaze of psychedelic fury. Still exhausted, I decided to end the day there, on a high note, and headed back to the leather seats and air conditioning of the buses back into the city.

Spiritualized at Treasure Island Music Festival

The festival was great overall – the performances of course, but also the obviously meticulous planning, especially in the transportation to and from the island. The setup of the stages was also an excellent move, and helped keep downtime to a minimum.

Ferris wheel and crowds
the Ferris wheel

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    Krikey sake, I must say that drivel may have arisen to about a 3d grade level – – my 6 year old daughter could do a more incise & informative review of the days events – – smoke another log, my homie. Ohhhhh, and perhaps a New college writing course beckons for thou.

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