Horse Feathers, Lady Genius @ Rickshaw Stop: photos, review

Wednesday Horse Feathers and Lady Genius played at the Rickshaw Stop.

The Rickshaw Stop never starts on time. Either that or their internal start time differs from when they say shows start. Either way, I had, as I had predicted, a few minutes of chat time before Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers went on. They played competently but their sound was a bit too country for me.

The Horse Feathers, a band around whom I remain fairly sockless, were up next. They went on as a 3-piece: guitar, violin and cello with all three covering vocals.

A few days later now, the set seems compacted in my mind, like it went by in a hurry or that it was one song with many small parts. Their songs have a consistent feel to them, so that may have something to do with it. They played beautifully and I really enjoyed the set, even if the mix had the female harmony vocals too low to register at times. I’d recommend checking them out.

Lady Genius was up last. I liked their song on that Digital Cloud comp and knew they had a new 10″ out but didn’t know much else about them. They came on to an unfortunately dwindling crowd and played a pretty decent set, switching lead vocals between KZSU alum/ keyboardist Ashley and guitarist Kyle on their shimmering and keyboard-heavy pop songs. In the end, I feel I should see them on a night when there’s a decent crowd there for them rather than a dwindling Wednesday night crowd apparently mostly there for the previous band; bands play differently in the two situations.


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