the bay bridged, vol 2 EP

The Bay Bridged announced their Bay Bridged, Vol 2 10″ EP last week. I received my copy later in the week.

The compilation includes five exclusive songs by Rogue Wave, Emily Jane White, Birds and Batteries, Two Sheds, and Okay on 10″ vinyl (and all copies come with a download code for high quality mp3s).

Opening the package you get an immediate view of the double sided picture disc. The record itself is gorgeous and perhaps that’s why there’s no jacket (just the clear outer sleeve), but I sort of want a nice jacket to put my record in. This is a small complaint, I know.

The two sides aren’t A and B–no, that’d be too easy–they’re Bear, left above, and Tree, right above. With an (yet another) excellent track from Two Sheds, one that I’d enjoyed live many times, and a long hypnotic song from Okay, I feel the Bear side is the better one. Tree may have the biggest name of the bunch, Rogue Wave, but while I think they put in a good effort, it doesn’t catch my ear in the same way.

Unlike many compilations, this one has some uniformity of sound: all of the tracks were recorded by the same engineer (Ian Pellicci) and most of them were recorded at the same studio (Tiny Telephone). It’s nice that it has some aural continuity in there.

All in all, a nice compilation and a worthy collectible from the guys over there at the Bay Bridged.

Buy it at the Bay Bridged store

You can stream the songs below or or over at the Bay Bridged:
<a href="">Rogue Wave &#8211; Empress by The Bay Bridged</a>

(Full disclosure[2])

2 responses to “the bay bridged, vol 2 EP”

  1. How does the vinyl sound? Picture discs are notoriously crappy for their vinyl quality (even they don’t need to be). I’ve been wondering about this one.

  2. adrian says:

    It sounds good. I don’t have a great ear for how ideally something is mastered–my one audio engineer friend is always much more opinionated about how particular vinyl records are mastered and such things–but this sounded good to me.

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