or, the whale and joe pug @ cafe du nord (photos, review, etc)

Friday night I saw Or, the Whale (myspace) and Joe Pug (myspace) at Cafe du Nord. It was one day after Joe Pug at KZSU and two months after I last saw Or, the Whale. Harbours and Silent Comedy were also on the bill.

Joe Pug was up first. He came on to a small (and growing) crowd, stating, “We’ve got a great night of music for you.” He played a set that included “Hymn #101”, “I Do My Father’s Drugs” and “Bury Me Far From My Uniform”.

Particularly important for a one man band, the sound was good (except for the reverb being a little heavy on his vocals). He played and sang beautifully and the crowd was definitely appreciative.

Harbours were up next. I found their set to be a bit hit or miss.

Silent Comedy got the crowd riled up with their energy but I didn’t quite love their roots/ Americana bar band sound.

Or, the Whale was the headliner for the night. They played a set mixed with old tunes (“Fixin’ to Leave”, “Fight Song”, “Crack a Smile”) and new songs (“Rusty Gold”, “Black Rabbit”).

They’d just been in the studio for two weeks and it seemed they were raring to get out and play. It was one of the highest energy sets I’ve seen from them. The encore ended with a raucous all-hands-on-stage, crowd-sing-a-long version of “Call and Response” that resembled less a concert than a party.

All in all a good night of music.

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