david bazan house concerts–san francisco and LA tickets on sale at 10am PST! more to come

David Bazan at Jovita’s in Austin, SxSW 2008

I’ve seen David Bazan solo, or with Pedro the Lion or with the Headphones, a lot of times. The first time I saw him was in Somerville Theatre near Boston, a large old movie theater with a fairly large capacity and hundreds of people. PtL was opening for Low. The smallest show might have been that Jovita’s day show (pictured above) during SxSW last year. There were around 150 people there at the time.

Well, as a huge fan of this amazing songwriter and his quirky performances, I was pretty happy when news came out that he would be doing a series of left coast house concerts. Even better when I found out tickets will be going on sale for his February 18th Berkeley show go on sale today at 10am PST. Apparently it will only have room for 35 people!

2/18 David Bazan @ Undisclosed Berkeley house, 8pm, $20, a/a

The shows have apparently been selling out quite quickly–Portland’s and Seattle’s shows are already sold out. The LA house show also goes on sale at 10am PST.

More West Coast dates will be announced in the future and it seems the best way to make sure you get a ticket is to keep checking in at the Undertow Store because–at least for the SF and LA dates–they’re on sale there before they’re on Bazan’s web page.

(Thanks to Aaron from cameraphonic for the tip.)

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