album leaf @ bottom of the hill, photos, review, etc.

“I’m just around the corner. I’ll be there in a sec.” I was running a little late to see Album Leaf (myspace) at the Bottom of the Hill. It was only midway through the second band, Black Mamba, when I got inside, but it was packed. People were jostling, bumping and squeezing forward left and right. I don’t remember a show at the Bottom of the Hill that packed since that Mountain Goats show.

It’d been a since I last saw Album Leaf. I’d sort of forgotten what to expect in the intervening four years. I don’t remember much from that earlier show other than that the band put more energy and emotion into their music than what I’d expected. My expectations were a bit more tempered this time, but they still put a good amount of energy and emotion into the show.

It was a good show. It didn’t change my life but it was consistently good. I have my favorite songs, but the Album Leaf’s live show is a bit particular in that no matter what song they were playing–new or old, favorite or not–I enjoyed it.

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