david bazan @ san jose house party (mini-review, photos)

Last night I saw a David Bazan (myspace) house concert for second time in a week. Read that other post for more extensive coverage of a house concert. This’ll be mostly photos.

I haven’t seen many bands multiple times on the same tour (Sufjan may be the only one that I have, now that I think about it), but Aaron of Cameraphonic offered to put me on the guest list for this one and I couldn’t refuse.

The song selection was somewhat similar to the previous show–he’s trying out a lot of his new songs (the album, by the way, is called Curse Your Branches and will be out in August). The conversation between songs was quite different. Some of the topics were the same (the story behind “Priests and Paramedics”, inspiration), but in general it was more in depth and had a more somber tone than the Berkeley house show.

It was a pretty amazing experience still. If you like Bazan/ Pedro, I’d highly recommend going to one of these if you can. A bunch of house shows down the west coast and then into the middle of the country go on sale tomorrow, Thursday 2/26 at 1pm PST. They’ve been selling out quick, so be on your toes!

Update: Here’s the setlist, courtesy of the forum:

01. Hard To Be
02. God Bless (This Mess)
03. Hot Girls [Headphones]
04. Please Baby Please
05. Curse Your Branches
06. Priests & Paramedics
07. Harmless Sparks/Fewer Broken Pieces
08. When We Fell
09. Lost My Shape
10. Bearing Witness
11. In Stitches
12. Foregone Conclusions
13. Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen]

3 responses to “david bazan @ san jose house party (mini-review, photos)”

  1. Eric says:

    Hi! I was actually the guy sitting to your right in the tie. I think you talked to my friend Ben. Aaron and I both captured recordings, so if you’d like a copy him or I could get that to you. Love the photos, good work!

  2. Brian says:

    Hi! Awesome pics! I’m the ugly dude in the blue shirt sitting next to the hot babe. If you have recordings/more pics, please forward to brian.r.bicknell@gmail.com. Thanks!!!!

  3. adrian says:

    Hey Eric, yeah, I remember you. I hope my camera shutter wasn’t too audible in your recording.

    Brian, thanks. I have a few more photos here.

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