sxsw 2009 recap (favorites, lists, numbers, photos, etc.)

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Fanfarlo @ Central Presbyterian

SxSW Coverage:
Day 1: Theresa Andersson, Marching Band, Deastro, Phenomal Handclap Band, J Tillman, Horse Feathers, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, Morning Benders, Keenan Bell, Blk Jks, Camera Obscura)
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Day 2: French Miami, Two Sheds, Tallest Man on Earth, the Wrens, the Avett Brothers, Passion Pit, Le Switch, J Tillman, Eli Paperboy Reed, Rural Alberta Advantage, A Classic Education, Sgt Dunbar and His Hobo Banned, Ohbijou, My Latest Novel
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Day 3: Mumford & Sons, Oh No Oh My, Rural Alberta Advantage, Fanfarlo, Low Anthem, Chiwoniso, Laura Marling, Deer Tick
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Day 4: The Wooden Birds (2x), Peelander Z, Joe Pug, Lou Barlow, Say Hi, Rosebuds, Ra Ra Riot
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Rural Alberta Advantage @ Central Presbyterian

Top five shows:

  1. the Rural Alberta Advantage @ Central Presbyterian Church
  2. the Wooden Birds @ Okay Mountain
  3. the Avett Brothers, the Wrens @ Radio Room
  4. Fanfarlo, the Low Anthem @ Central Presbyterian
  5. Tallest Man on Earth @ Red 7

Bands seen (around): 43

Shows (showcases, parties): 23 (9, 14)

Bands seen that I hadn’t seen before: 30

Bands seen twice (and why): J Tillman (first time the sound was horrible), Rural Alberta Advantage (they were great and my friend didn’t see them the first time), Wooden Birds (they were great and the second time was on a great bill)

Number of bands seen before that I’d forgotten were great live (and who): 2 (Two Sheds, Horse Feathers)

Show that next year people will want to claim they were at: Rural Alberta Advantage @ Central Presbyterian

Most packed shows: Peelander Z @ Mohawk, J Tillman @ Mohawk, the Wrens @ Radio Room

Criminally underattended shows: Ohbijou @ the Ranch, Joe Pug @ Jackalope, Tallest Man on Earth @ Red 7, the Wooden Birds @ Okay Mountain

Bands that seemed like they were having the most fun on stage: the Wooden Birds @ Okay Mountain, Two Sheds @ Beauty Bar

Band that most changed my opinion about them (and how): Mumford & Sons (from mild dislike to like)

Bands who delivered exactly like I wanted them to: Fanfarlo, Oh No Oh My, Ohbijou, Joe Pug, the Wooden Birds

Band I heard as I walked by that made me divert from my original plan to see someone else: Horse Feathers @ Club Deville

Number of bands that ended their sets acoustic, in front of the stage (and who): 2 (Rural Alberta Advantage, Sgt Dunbar & His Hobo Banned)

Band who only played with a PA for vocals (no mics on drums or amps) and nevertheless had a perfect mix: the Wooden Birds @ Okay Mountain

Shows I tried to get into but couldn’t: 2 (Black Joe Lewis @ Parish, Rachel Ray party @ Maggie May’s)

Show with most number of name indie celebrities in attendence (and who): Merge/ Barsuk Showcase @ the Parish (Matthew Caws, M Ward, Britt Daniel)

Band I most wanted to heckle: Tim Easton

Photos taken: 1332

Decent-to-good photos taken (approximate): 100

Times I fell asleep on the couch while editing the day’s photos that night: 2 or 3

Average sleep a night, in hours: 4.5-5

Number of people I said “Wow. You’e that guy!” to (and who): 1 (Bob Boilen)

Band I recommended to said person: Two Sheds

Beers consumed: [redacted for the benefit of the author’s reputation]

Best bar: Draught House

Bar where you’d probably say ‘wait, there’s SxSW going on all around?’: Bull McCabe’s (@ 7th and Red River)

Best meal: Jumbo beef ribs and smoked sausage at Artz Ribhouse

Best food from a street stand: pulled pork sandwich from Beelzebun’s cart.

Number of big time music bloggers that I saw but didn’t have a chance to talk to (and who): 2 (Justin Gage of Aquarium Drunkard and Craig Lile aka Dodge of My Old Kentucky Blog)

Favorite photos [click for bigger versions]:

Theresa Andersson @ Emo’s Annex

Two Sheds @ Beauty Bar

Tallest Man on Earth @ Red 7

Eli Paperboy Reed @ Peckerheads

[More photos after the jump.]

A Classic Education @ Rusty Spur

Sgt. Dunbar and his Hobo Banned @ Ester’s Follies

Rural Alberta Advantage @ Homeslice

Fanfarlo @ Central Presbyterian

the Wooden Birds @ Okay Mountain

the Rosebuds @ the Parish

Violin player from Ra Ra Riot @ the Parish

Closing out SxSW with Ra Ra Riot @ the Parish

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  1. […] As I said, the band that most changed my opinion of them at SxSW was Mumford & Sons. They put on a great set and that made me re-evaluate their recorded music. I’ve been listening to their stuff quite a lot since I got back and this is the song that most sticks in my head. […]

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